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Infrared Images of Male Subjects Before and After Double Helix Water

These thermal (infrared) photos were taken, first before, and then 20 minutes after, the subjects drank Double Helix Water.

26-year-old male with no known health issues:

Male, 72 years-old with prostate issues:

These thermal images were made in February, 2005. The patient suffered from excessive urination and had received prostate radiation treatment.

Male, 54 years old, cancer in kidney and lung:

Male with prostrate problems:

84-year-old male:

63-year-old male with prostate cancer, hypertension, and a heart problem:

Male who had prostate cancer 10 years prior:

These infrared photos were taken on 9/30/2009, ten years after the subject had prostate cancer. Our hypothesis is that, the more uniform the body is, the healthier it is. Stable water clusters have shown consistent evidence that the body moves towards symmetry and uniformity.


65-year-old male:

Continuous Monitoring of a Patient with Prostate Cancer

These photos were taken five minutes apart, after the subject drank Double Helix Water