• Stable Water ClusterForming a Double Helix

  • Stable Water ClusterForming a Double Helix 1

Double Helix Water is believed to work like acupuncture — repairing the meridian system, bypassing blocked or misaligned meridians, and therefore enabling Qi (healthy energy) to flow smoothly. Acupuncture is currently widely accepted as a complementary treatment for inflammation and inflammatory disease Water, not hydrogen bonds, key to DNA double helix: Study Double Helix Water is a concentrated form of Stable Water Clusters — a phase of water with a double-helical structure that has a positive polar charge. Its polar charge and other unique properties are what scientists believe give it interesting applications for health and healing.
Peer-reviewed medical journal articles, medical studies, and thermographic images have produced evidence that strongly suggests that DHW can reduce muscle and joint inflammation, improve post-exercise muscle recovery, and decrease the frequency of headaches. DHW has also been shown to improve the quality of diseased red blood cells (e.g., in Lyme disease and diabetes), modulate cancer cells, and possibly help autistic behaviors. (Click for speaker abstracts from the International Water and Health Symposium.) Clearing the Meridian System Like Acupuncture According to Dr. Shui Yin Lo (with whom I have had the opportunity to speak with personally) and his engineering research partner, David Gann, Double Helix Water works like acupuncture by clearing the meridian systems to enable Qi (healthy energy) to flow smoothly.
Under an atomic force microscope at the California Institute of Technology, photographs demonstrated that stable water clusters line up end to end to form circuit-like structures. The measurable polar charge and its double helical structure are likely the properties of Double Helix Water that enable it to have a similar effect as acupuncture.
It is thought that over time, drinking Double Helix Water (and using its infused creams) may help your body bypass blocked or misaligned meridians allowing Qi to flow freely through your body.
By restoring the body’s meridian system, Double Helix Water may help the body self-heal and offer support to the immune system.

Thermal Imaging Shows Double Helix Water Reduces the Body’s Inflammation: My Experience

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Several years ago at an Integrative Health Symposium in NYC, I learned about Double Helix Water and how it works like acupuncture and can help reduce inflammation. Admittedly, I was a little skeptical, however, I was open to learning about the growing scientific research in this area. When I began to understand how DHW works like acupuncture, it began to make sense to me why it was possible that these polarized helical clusters of water could in fact address so many different body systems. “First do no harm” is one of the guiding principles of healthcare. Using that philosophy, I knew there was no downside to trying the Double Helix Water and the personal upside of feeling better could be tremendous. That was how I made my decision to try it. Research aside, I wanted my own experience. I really wanted to feel better. For several years, I had been experiencing a lot of inflammation in my body — aches and pains particularly in my neck and shoulders and frequent migraine headaches. At the show, thermographic images (see above) were taken of me before drinking Double Helix Water (and applying the DHW cream to face and neck acupoints) and then again, 15 minutes later. The image above shows the dramatic difference in my “before DHW” and “after DHW” thermography. It shows distinct patterns and cooling in my body surface temperature. (White is the most hot, then red, orange, yellow; green is usually the most desirable.) Thermographic images, which show thermal patterns and variations in body temperature, have been important objective measures of pre- and post- Double Helix Water treatments. It is believed that the origin of the hot lines (meridians) and hot spots (acupoints) that are visible in thermal images are due to the inflammation of the organs, tissues, and joints along the meridians.
According to Meridian theory in Chinese medicine, it is possible to interpret these hot spots and hot lines to understand the state of a person’s well-being.
While I did not feel noticeably different immediately after drinking the water, the improvement in the “after DHW” thermograms convinced me to try a Double Helix Water protocol and see if it would help me feel better. I am thrilled to say that Double Helix Water has helped me tremendously. The positive results were not immediate. It took several months to get the positive results and I needed to adjust the daily dose, but my pain in my neck and shoulders is gone and I rarely get a migraine anymore. I continue to take DHW on as a needed basis, paying attention to how I feel.