• Stable Water ClusterForming a Double Helix

  • Stable Water ClusterForming a Double Helix 1


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Supramolecular assemblies based on oligo(ethylene glycol) (OEG) building blocks are well-known for their neutral chemical property and thermal-responsive behavior. Here, the cyclic “CLOSED” and linear “OPEN” typologies of OEGs led to dramatic difference in the sensitivity to guanidinium-containing species. From thermodynamic studies, the association constant (Ka) between the “CLOSED” form amphiphile and guanidinium salt was determined to be 28.7 M–1, whereas there was no detectable binding affinity for the “OPEN” form. Therefore, considering ion specificity, the present results establish that crown ether derivatives with “CLOSED” and “OPEN” topologies provide an easy-to-access model pair with designed ion-recognition sites and special functional moieties and geometries (like the binding pockets of enzymes or ion channels in cellular members) that allow the manipulation of the intercrossed relationship between supramolecular solutes, waters, and guanidinium salts. These supramolecular forces in aqueous solution offered an alternative strategy to fabricate thermal-responsive systems in ionic medium.The most stable configurations of cyclic water clusters and their... |  Download Scientific Diagram