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  • Stable Water ClusterForming a Double Helix 1

Lemons and limes in water glass Water is important for every cell in the body to function properly. The digestive system functions better with adequate hydration, preventing constipation. Water also helps flush toxins from the body, promotes good kidney function, keeps your joints and muscles lubricated, supports healthier and younger-looking skin, and helps regulate body temperature.

Mayo Clinic recommends this minimum daily intake of water:

Anyone can become dehydrated, but certain people are at a greater risk, including infants, young children and people who work or exercise outdoors. In addition, older adults are more likely to become dehydrated. As you age, your body’s fluid reserve becomes smaller, your ability to conserve water is reduced and your thirst sense becomes less acute. These problems are compounded by chronic illnesses such as diabetes and dementia, and the use of certain medications. Older adults also can have mobility problems that limit their ability to obtain water for themselves. Increasing your water intake may seem easy, but it can be hard to remember to drink up.

Here are some tips for upping your water game:

Follow some of these tips to keep yourself and your loved ones properly hydrated.