• Stable Water ClusterForming a Double Helix

  • Stable Water ClusterForming a Double Helix 1

leaking water hose Question for Animal Arts: Do you have any tips on conserving water? We are trying to do everything we can to conserve, but we need to water the horses and the arenas. Answer from Animal Arts: Thank you for this important question about water conservation. We have assembled a list for you of the most typical and effective ideas to save money and water resources at your barn: 1) Check for leaks. It might seem insignificant, but even a small leak can waste far more water than you realize. Look for leaky hose bibbs (where hoses connect), dripping faucets, leaky toilets and leaky waterers, then get those items repaired immediately.
dripping leaking water faucet

You can save a lot of wasted water by fixing leaking horses and faucets.


2) Inform your boarders (if you have them) about your goal to conserve water. It can be a group effort at many barns, and people need to work together.